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Welcome to Sasha Kuznetsov Art Studio!

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I am a New York-based visual artist and art teacher with a degree in Fine Arts (The Cooper Union). English and Russian are both my mother tongues, and I offer art lessons in either one.

Teaching art to children has been the most rewarding experience in my life. For the past 4 years I have been giving private art lessons in and around New York City. Among my students are children and adults of all ages and levels. I offer help with building a portfolio and preparing for Gifted & Talented programs. 

I sincerely believe that art allows children to mature as individuals, developing self-confidence and respect for material. Art class with Eva, Sara, Katya and Alisa. Working with oil pastels.

Below are the magical pieces of my students in many different media and techniques (ages ranging from 3 to 10). Enjoy!

Uroki 6

Uroki 9

Uroki 1

Uroki 8

Work by Students

Paul Klee Study

Uroki 7

Uroki 5

Uroki 2

Uroki 3

Uroki 4